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Author Topic: How to grow ferns from spore  (Read 1060 times)

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How to grow ferns from spore
« on: November 16, 2007, 15:11:04 PM »
Faan well that's a question.  Ferns are a bit more difficult to grow from spore than Clivia.  I will explain in short and then I will search through my files as I do have document somewhere explaining step by step.

First of all you know that fern spore are like a dust.  So I have never done this but have been told how to do it but never tried because it sounds to complicated to me.  You have to know when the spore are ripe.  Thats when the capsules turn brown.  The spore are inside this capsules.  Then you brake it open but you can't almost breath because the spore get blown away.  If you opened it then you have to take a "sykous" and sieve it.  Then we have a way of folding an small envelope to put the spore in.  I germinate a lot of spore some years ago and had great success.  I tended them for a few years and had great results left for a weekend and for some reason my domestic worker left the glass terrarium opened and I lost the whole bunch almost 3 years of waiting down the drain.  Never tried again.  Sorry that's not what you wanted to know.

Everything must be sterilised from the containers to the planting medium.  I used half part sieved canadian peat and half part sieved river sand.  Put it in a plastic contain that has a lid pour some water over and sterilised it in the microwave.  But it SMELLS terrible.  Close it and put the lid on let it cool down.  Then you have to sow it where there are no breeze present.  Closed the lid and WAIT.  But be ware no matter how careful you are algae and bacteria tends to grow because some spore can take up to 2 years to germinate and others takes months.  There has to be some water present as the sporelings need to get fertilized.  And if no water is present the sperm cannot travel to the females.  Sorry guys I truly can not remember all the correct English terminology for this process so if you laugh for my description I will throttle you.

I will look for the document if I cannot find it I will give you a link to Keith in Australia's website he has great instructions.

But harvesting spore is the difficult part to me and then the waiting and if you get them to grow from spore it really is a long and tiresome process to make them use to the outside conditions and to hard them off.

It is great fun though seeing them grow.  IF I had the space I will sure try it again.

Hope this helps a bit.

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Re: How to grow ferns from spore
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2007, 16:22:37 PM »
Hi Doret

Be careful with the micro wave ,as plants dont grow wel with the radiation. there was experiments done with normal tap water and water that was sterilized in a microwave, but the results was shocking.
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